Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Around Home {January Daybook}

Outside My Window... many mornings begin like this with morning's start subdued. Some warmer temperatures have allowed for more time outdoors, but not much snow left for the kids to play in.

Thinking About... how the sunshine will feel in the spring and how beautiful the flowers around my yard are going to be come summer. While it hasn't been too awful of a winter, I'm longing for the beauty and color. The change of season will also bring even more growth and new season for my kids too. Please Lord, let a certain someone be potty trained by then.

I Am Hearing... the sounds of Curious George fading behind the scenes of my Elsa and Anna dress up girls. Like

Praying For... a special intention; a couple moms I know who have recently lost babies through miscarriage; those who mourn; Paul's family and friendsSally's continued recovery.

What I'm Reading... I finished up two books I received for Christmas gifts from my favorite author, Richard Paul Evans, in the last two weeks. As always, he did not disappoint. Love his writing!


Now I'm hopping back in with the Howard sisters at Grace Chapel Inn. My, how I'm enjoying these reads as well. They are a great way to relax while putting my feet up

From The Kitchen... I'm back to meal planning for a couple weeks at a time now that the irregular holiday meals are over. This week we have on the menu Crockpot Cheesy Harvest Potato Chowder, Beef with Cornbread Blanket and Creamy Spaghetti Casserole (minus scallions).

Last week I made Apple Fritter Bread which was a nice breakfast treat, but not quite like actual apple fritters.

Around The House... the Christmas decor is down and we're back in ordinary time. Just in time when I pulled down the beautiful Christmas cards, I found a great project via Instagram. I made a prayer book out of them so we can remember those special people in our lives during the year.

I have found that printables for my kitchen windowsill are my new favorite thing. They are cheery, cute, inexpensive, and easy. They make me feel creative, even if I am just printing someone else's wonderful creations. I pinned a bunch via Pinterest for the coming months, but the January one I printed I guess I didn't pin. Wouldn't you know it, now I can't find it to give you the link.

Coming Up... lots of planning in the works. February will be busy with Margaret and Gianna's birthdays, a Valentine's Day sledding party with the homeschool group and our parish's annual Winter Carnival.

Photo To Share... January days inside allow for more messy creative play days. Last week silence in the living room revealed these three huddled together in a chair/blanket fort watching cartoons. Priceless.


  1. Oh your recipes!
    I love them!
    I made the brownies with rice krispie/peanut butter/chocolate chips on top that I found from you for Madison's first Mary Kay skin care class. Everyone loved them!!!!!
    I am posting a pic tomorrow, but they wont be in it, because they were gone! I sent three people home with your recipe. : ) sharing your days with you and your lovely family. : )

    1. I've got my ingredients and I'm all geared up for National Chocolate Day. I'll be making those brownies. Thanks for reminding me of that yummy recipe :0

    2. That's right, it's Chocolate CAKE day. Oh well, I'll pretend they are a cake because they will be just as yummy.

  2. We have had some decent weather....warm but no snow!
    but..cant complain RIGHT!???

    The last picture is sweet. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy this past weekend. It was a pretty good show!

    1. I did not like Guardians of the Galaxy....

    2. I am usually so behind the times, so if I do see Guardians it will be like in 5 years! lol.

  3. Awe...I actually briefly, momentarily, missed those snowy, winter days. Briefly. But I do really love your pictures. And the prayers. You know I love and am grateful for the continued prayers for Miss Sally. And have I mentioned lately how much I wish my little one could hang with your Irish twins? Oh the fun they would have!! Your recipes look and sound delicious, girl! And the books...I'm heading over right now to my reading wish list to add them there. Thanks for the tip ;)

    1. Those girls would have a BLAST together and we'd be coffee and chocolate friends who met up often. Sigh....
      I hope you enjoy the books as much as I did.

  4. Love the messy/creative comment...because I feel the same way. It's more of a, "I think it's messy, but my conscience is telling me it's creative" thing.

    Can I just say that Bridget will do anything--ANYTHING to watch cartoons. I milk that one for all it's worth man, in fact, I'm listening to Curious George right now since she picked up all the messy, I mean creative play.


  5. Thanks for the great ideas Sarah. I haven't tossed our Christmas cards yet and this project sounds fun. The printable idea is great…did you just get a square frame and print to that certain size? I love those types of little things. Curious George… around here as well. She has a stuffed Curious George and my mom taught her to say "Georgie Pordgy" and she says it a lot. Elizabeth has been battling a nasty cough and has the nasty habit of wiping her nose on her sleeve. I gave her one of Katharine's clean burp cloths and told her every time she needed to wipe her nose, to please use that (she had been using kleenex, but then would stick the dirty ones back in the box…AHHH!)…so I switched to the burp cloth idea. Anywhooo…I saw her wiping George's nose this afternoon…so cute.

    1. I hope Elizabeth kicks her cough and feels better soon. There's something about toddlers and wiping their noses. My girls still don't get the concept of blowing their noses either. It's kind of funny, but then really frustrating too when I know they have junk in there to blow out.

      As for printables, most of them on Pinterest say their size or I specifically search 8x10. The ones on my windowsill are 8x10. I think I did have one that didn't specify so I saved it on my computer. Then opened it as a photo in my picture program on the computer and then when I hit print over on the side I could specify the size I wanted and it made it fit accordingly. Sometimes it's just trial and error (and a little extra ink) to get them figured out. It is kind of fun changing them out every so often to brighten things up. Good luck!

    2. Thanks Sarah for the advice on the printable. I am going to look into that, I think I have a spare 8X10 frame that I can use (or at least with a pic I don't need to have on display at the moment).


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