Friday, March 28, 2014

Thankful For Everyday Life {link up}

Joining Jamie in being Thankful for Everyday Life today. It reminds us to notice the blessings of our daily life and be Thankful.

Thankful for Legos and the creativity they spark within my kids. Jonah literally can spend hours creating and re-creating. The fulfillment he gets out of building his very own idea and bringing it to life is priceless. And the possibilities are endless!

Thankful that a friend told me last fall about an online Lego Club that meets once a month. Jonah has absolutely loved it and looks forward to it every month. Earlier this month he even shared his Lego creation live with his clubmates. He came up with his idea after seeing the Lego Movie and incorporated different elements of it in his original, unique creation. Pretty awesome.

Thankful for little helpers in the kitchen whom I've learned to let assist me even in the most simple ways. Thankful for a day at home with just the little girls to enjoy their interesting conversation, simple play and no fighting.

Thankful for small hands who have discovered the fun of Playdoh.

Thankful for a little girl who asked for her picture to be taken and then posed all on her own. She sure is growing up fast. This photo only began to capture the spunkiness that she has found since turning two last month. 

Thankful for hubby and his springtime birthday. Thankful for a wonderful husband who was able to take time off work to man the fort while I am out of commission due to a back injury. Thankful for big kids who help with their sisters and around the house while mom directs from the couch.

Thankful for field trips and adventures. The big kids headed out Monday morning with Reed to a maple sugaring tour. They enjoyed the Sugar Shack tour and explanation of sugaring.

Then they headed outside to see what filled the buckets. Unfortunately, with the fluctuating temps lately it doesn't provide the ideal for the taps to be dripping. They pretty much came up empty handed. 

Afterward, since the tour was on the campus of Reed's alma mater, he showed the kids around a bit. Of course that included lunch at the infamous refectory. The kids were pretty sure they were in heaven with all the food choices.

Thankful that God saw the future and I had lesson planned for several days off this week for quarter break. It worked perfectly for the field trip the kids took and also the extra rest I needed for my back.

Thankful I found a gentle chiropractor who helped me feel at least 75% better in just one session. I feel like a new woman and should be 100% very soon. 

Be sure to stop by Jamie's to read her list of Thankfuls (and about her move) to check out more linkies.


  1. Oh, I LOVED this!!

    First though, I will pray for that 100 percent recovery!! I wish I lived closer I'd bring you a meal!! You poor thing. Oh, that stinks.

    You were still so thankful though, that is awesome!

    Your kiddos are soooo stinkin' cute. Love that little Jonah with his Legos by the computer! There used to be this blog called Lego365 where the guy would post a picture of his legos doing things each day...but I think he's turning it into a book or something...Nicholas used to love that one!

    Love your playdough girls and how they are helping now, how cute. It takes so much extra time to let them help (even the big kids believe me, this kitchen helper thing takes lots of time!) But they love it, so it's worth it, right?

    Happy birthday to your sweet hubby.
    I wonder if the maple syrup thing will get better when it warms May?

    Thanks for linking up! I will pray for you and your poor back!

  2. Hoping your back feels better. Glad there are folks out there that can help...nothing worse then a bad back. or knees!

    Happy Birthday to your husband! Isnt it amazing how time is just flying by!

    Your kids are all just the cutest. and so little. I miss my little family sometimes.

  3. Great pictures, Sarah :)

    You will need to send me info on that Lego club if others can join. My little man would love to share on it.

    Your little girls are so cute! I would love to hear their conversations. I bet they keep you in stitches!

    Happy birthday to your husband. Praise God for dads that are able to pinch hit!

    The field trip looked fantastic! My kids would have loved it. What a stark difference it is between your MN and my TX! I do hope it thaws soon for you.

    Continued prayers for a quick and healthy back recovery!!

    Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!!

  4. Joining Jamie in praying for your recovery. 75% better is good but we want BEST! And I'm a big proponent of chiropractic care.

    Your kids are darling. ALL kids are, really, but that little Miss M? Oh my.♥


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