Friday, October 31, 2008

Patriotism, Elections & America

With elections next week, our children are very aware of what we as Americans will be doing next Tuesday. For weeks now they have noticed campaign signs and all of the media propaganda on the television. They also know who we support in the presidential election and know why. Without going into detail with the kids, we have made sure that they understand that we vote for the candidate who shares our morals and beliefs. Someone who will hold their office and fight for the dignity of EVERY human person, from conception to natural death. Although they are young, I do believe that they can be taught about our great nation and the beliefs and truths we were founded on. With that in mind, I chose to scour the local libraries and bookstores for books that will help instill patriotism, teach them about our first president as well as our current president and give them a basic understanding of America. I think it's important that our kids appreciate America and understand how to be a good citizen. We will also show them by our actions when we take them with us into the voting booth next Tuesday!

Yesterday I informed Lily & Jonah that we would be spending the next week learning about presidents and elections and America. At the end Lily said, "we're too little to learn about government!" I was surprised to learn that she knew such a big word and knew that it was exactly what I was referring to. I knew then that this was the perfect thing to be discussing with our kids. They're ready.

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