Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lily turned 6!

It seems in ways unbelievable, but my oldest turned 6 on Sunday. And yet, it makes perfect sense that she is six. I almost cannot remember life without her here. It is amazing how fast time has gone. Although I have shared almost every day with her by my side,I still feel as though time just flew by and I may have missed something. Of course, I realize this isn't possible since I can almost recall every milestone and challenge that we have conquered. I can easily remember almost every minute of her 24hour labor and delivery. All definitely worth it to see my baby girl face to face for the first time.*sigh* As a mother I understand deeply the scripture verse that says that Mary "cherished all of these things in her heart". As a mom, I also cherish all of these things in my heart. Even when there may come a day that I can't correctly remember how old Lily was when she got her first tooth, when she was potty trained or when she rode her bike for the first time without training wheels, I know that these moments, these memories will be in my heart filling it to overflowing. These are the cherished moments of a mother's heart.
Just as the first six years of Lily's life have filled a special compartment in my heart, I eagerly await what the next six years will bring and the cherished moments that will find rest in my heart as well.
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